C2RIBs have been working alongside a number of camera teams in recent years where aerial unmanned camera drones have been used by our clients.

(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV) for film production and image capturing afloat.

These cameras enable you to gain images not previously achievable without the use of helicopters or aircraft at a great expense.

Amazing photos and video and high-end professional imagery is now being captured for your product launch, an event or just for treasured personal memories.

We have teamed up with qualified pilots who are fully tested and licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority, and these camera operators come with years of professional experience.

C2ribs Aerial Drone Photography Image 2

When operated correctly these types of aircraft are exceptionally safe.

They use the latest GPS, gyro, and battery technologies.

All flights are always conducted within the rules as laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority.

If you have a requirement for waterside aerial photography whether stills or video talk to us and we will arrange for the best options for you aboard our craft meaning the boat skipper and the pilot will be fully trained, qualified and insured for your task.

We believe the only restriction to your request could be the weather.

Please call us onĀ 07956 339 303 or 023 8001 0099 to discuss your requirements.